Restaurant Review Son of a Biscuit

dish__colosi_sonofabiscuit_007Micah Camden doesn’t lack confidence. Coming off the excellent Boxer Ramen, the restaurateur of Little Big Burger and Blue Star Donuts fame was bullish about Son of a Biscuit, his new fried-chicken joint in a former Pizzicato on Southeast Division Street.

“It’s going to be the shit,” Camden told Portland Monthly. “You don’t know how many times I got off shift at Yakuza and just ate bags of Popeyes. Now, I’m going after Popeyes the same way I went after Burgerville.”

Does Biscuit best Popeyes? Sure. What about Portland’s best fried chicken, three blocks east at Reel M Inn? Biscuit wins only on convenience—it takes 30 minutes to get Portland’s standard-setter at a dive bar compared to 10 at Biscuit. How does Biscuit stack up against the Nashville hot-chicken joints Camden claims as inspiration? So far, it’s not close.

Biscuit’s build-out is what we’ve come to expect from Camden: sparse,

Sic Semper Lactucis All hail the Mextiza Caesar salad

dish.mextizaI may never return to the original Caesar salad. Tijuana, where the Caesar was created by an Italian immigrant in 1924, is supposedly still safe for tourists. I’m not so sure.

That salad—long ribs of crisp romaine bombed with umami through anchovies, raw egg yolk, Worcestershire sauce and Parmesan—made a lasting impression. But so do photos of bloody bodies scattered by a beach where sunbathers lay in a disconcertingly like pose.

Why venture down Tijuana’s Avenue de la Revolucion, risking pickpockets and the remote possibility of an errant bullet from warring cartels, when there’s an equally impressive Caesar salad at Portland’s Mextiza? At my table, that salad ($8) inspired a Mexican standoff over the last garlic-infused, lime-kissed crouton. Eyes narrowed and forks twitched before we halved it.

Mextiza is the second restaurant from Autentica chef and owner Oswaldo Bibiano. I can’t speak to what Autentica was at its peak, but

The Rice Den

Article Lead - wide1000354462gjmoj1image.related.articleLeadwide.729x410.gjl2fy.png1442551779965.jpg-620x0Jacqui Taffel

Chandos Street, St Leonards, is not the kind of place that springs to mind when planning a fun night out with friends. Yet on a cold night, in a gloomy canyon of empty office buildings near the Pacific Highway, a glowing corner beckons.

Inside, it’s warm and buzzing with diners and staff. The concrete-floored room is artfully decked out with hanging birdcages, wooden abacus joinery and artful floral wallpaper; it makes me think of In the Mood for Love, Wong Kar-wai’s modern classic set in Hong Kong in the 1960s. But this is modern Sydney, where Chinese dining has undergone a velvet revolution as the next generation of restaurateurs rises through the ranks. The chairs are upholstered in colourful Tibetan-style fabric, a shelf holds bottles of Prickle Hill Worcester sauce made near Wagga Wagga, and the bartender looks as though he’s just in from an epic surf.

Rice Den’s co-owners and head chefs, Roy Chan and Nelson Cheng, became friends while boarding at north shore private school St Joseph’s College. Chan bought his first restaurant at 22, where the staff thought

Why You Should Prefer McDonalds Online Order Service

You don’t need a reason to visit McDonalds. Being one of the first burger outlets in India, this chain is known among many people. Whether young or old, people of all walks of life visit this place for its scrumptious breakfast meals, and gobsmackingly tasty lunch and dinner menu that surely brings water to their mouths. If you are one of them, then there is no doubt McAloo Tikki and McChicken Burger haunts your lunch and dinner thoughts. No wonder that your visits to McDonalds are quite frequent.

But what if your visits to this food chain reduced and, yet you were able to hog on its famous burgers whenever you want. This may not sound odd to those who have saved McDonalds delivery number on their mobile phones as a speed dial. But what if you had a more cost-effective way of making your order? Since the inception of the internet, people around the globe have benefited from its service. This service has benefited many industries and famous companies to indorse their name on the World Wide Web with ease and this is what McDonalds has taken advantage of.

The food chain has started off its own online order service for

The Excellence That Is Lodi Garden Restaurant

Lodi Garden restaurant is a property and enterprise owned by the Sewara group of companies. The restaurant is located in Delhi. As the name of the company suggests, the main ethos which also acts as the driving force behind this restaurant is the need to serve. Sewara comes from the Hindi word “sewa” which refers to service extended to everyone irrespective of caste, community, wealth, gender and any other discriminatory factor. The service extended by all the enterprises owned by this group to its guests is phenomenal and world class and this garden restaurant too is no exception.


The restaurant is located opposite Mausam Bhawan, near gate number 1 on Lodhi Road, Delhi. A meal for two will cost approximately Rs.2000 exclusive of taxes and therefore the hotel provides quality service along with excellent food. The cuisine too is an interesting combination of European, Lebanese and Mediterranean influences and therefore, makes a rather nice change from the regular fare that we get to eat in Delhi. The standard and quality of the restaurant are impeccable and the satisfaction of the customers can be reflected in the excellent ratings the hotel has earned

Your Restaurant How to Waste Less and Save More

As a restaurant owner, your goal is to provide your patrons with mouth-wateringly delicious meals that not only offer the best possible nutritional benefits and taste-bud tantalising results, but that also stand out from a creative point of view. Because of this, waste management probably won’t become a priority until you notice a dip in profits. The truth is, efficient kitchen waste management is the mark of a professional, reputable establishment. Here are some tips that will help your kitchen staff to waste less and save more.

Ensure Accurate Measuring

Encourage your chefs to be a little bit more pedantic about the measurement of their ingredients. Introduce scales into the kitchen if you haven’t done so already and insist that they are utilised whenever possible to prevent the unnecessary over-use of certain ingredients.

Get Creative with Left-Overs

If you are peeling a few vegetables for a particular dish and you are left with a few extra trimmings, why not use them to make a new ‘soup of the day’? If you are using egg whites to make meringue, don’t throw away the yolks. Instead, use them to make something just as delicious such

Best Way to Get Prepared For the Ladies Night

Hen party nights are the most important aspect of the hen party weekend. There are special hen party costumes that are so fascinating for the guests to wonder at you.

Special costumes are made with sheer diligence in such a way that there is a lot to talk about the peculiar features of the dress as such. Anything from a pompom, to a fairy wings can be ideally suitable for the hosts. All you need to do is to arrange for a dependable cafe as your venue for the gathering though. Remember, safety is one top priority here in selecting the right places where you and your friends are completely safe while enjoying your coolest private times.


Special hen events and the comedy clubs are the most sought after entertainment for the women party. Comedy routines, gifts and games, male strippers, and drag queens can be the hot choice of the hour. Some of the top DJs can be arranged to come for your comfort and jubilance altogether during the exclusive party night. Decide the numerous giveaways and gifts options. Make arrangements well in ahead of time to make sure that the event

Enjoy Clean And Crisp Kebab Experience

Kebab, we can fairly assume, is a gift of colonization to the world. It has its origins in Afghanistan and has taken global shape owing to the perpetual eulogy showered by Englishmen. We have to say that it deserves every bit of respect it commands.

Kebab gives a new dimension to meat or chicken; grilling and soaking it with special condiments and flavors. The softness, the slushiness and the melting effect it offers to the innards of the mouth is exhilarating to say the least. Yes, the effect is enlarged by the presence of kebab skewers.

We specialize in kebab skewers and prepare them in fashionable Mao bamboo; considered one of the best specie around the world. It leaves no ridges or edges and is almost a kiss when it leaves the mouth.

The choice of bamboo is our endeavor to keep it environmental and disposable; keeping in mind the rising dread of global warming and energy consciousness. That it also escalates the eating experience is an added asset.

While cooks generally prefer to soak the manual kebab skewer with water before grilling; you can leave it dry and get ultimate satisfaction in the